Our mission

Eleventh Hour Ministry endeavors to offer hope to those whom the world tends to forget. Our purpose is to reach widows and orphans who are struggling to survive due to the circumstances that life has thrown their way. View images from our latest trip to Ukraine

We believe that in showing God’s love and mercy in practical ways, we can begin to change lives. In many countries around the world, orphanages are operating with little to no money. Consequently, the children “age out” between the ages of 15-16. With little education and life skills, they often become Teens of the streets – and have little chance at living a successful life.

Our goal is to help them to transition into adulthood, keep them off the streets, and save them from a life of prostitution and crime. Teaching them valuable skills such as gardening, honeybee farming, automotive repair, cooking, painting, construction, and money management will help give them a chance – a hope and a future. In countries where orphans have no value and are treated as often such, we pray that these life skills they will allow these precious people to hold their heads high with self-confidence as they transition into society. Meeting their needs in practical ways while teaching and sharing the love of Christ is the only way to show them, they were created on purpose and are dearly loved by God.